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Facial plastic surgery can be a life changing event. These are some reviews of Dr. Saigal from a few of his patients on the web:

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Kapil Saigal, MD, FACS

Thank you very much Dr. Saigal. The results are astonishing especially after taking a look at the pictures. I can't believe it myself. I knew i was under good hands. the hard work and effort shows. thank you once again. take care.


I always hated the hump on my nose and wanted to get a rhinoplasty for the longest time. I also had a deviated septum which blocked breathing from my left nostril. I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery, but in my case I had no choice. I was extremely lucky to come across Dr. Saigal. I knew he would be my surgeon after my first consultation. He was so kind throughout the whole process, answered all my questions, and also explained the procedure in detail to my family as well. He showed me a mock-up photo of my nose as it will appear post-surgery and the results were even better than the computer images he made.

Now when I look back at my rhinoplasty experience it was a breeze and was totally worth and most importantly I love my new nose. It looks so natural and balanced with my other facial features, that no one was able to spot that I had a rhinoplasty. I really can’t say enough good things about Dr. Saigal. He truly is the most skillful and caring doctor. I would recommend him to everyone who is looking to have their health and appearance get better. Thank You Dr. Saigal!

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I came to Dr. Saigal with very little knowledge about rhinoplasty procedures and apprehension about the final result. Dr. Saigal was completely understanding of my needs and concerns. He walked me through the whole process and even included my family members to ensure that my final result was exactly what I wanted and that I was well educated. My nose looks very natural and the post surgery process had minimal to no pain and bruising. I am confident that if you work with him you will benefit from the same attentive bedside manner and surgical expertise that I had for my procedure. I feel great and look fantastic! Thanks again.

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As far as I remember I have never been able to fully breathe from my left nostril. Before I visited Dr. Saigal I had seen two other ENT specialist doctors and had been diagnosed with a serious case of deviated septum.
Dr. Saigal confirmed it as well informing me that less than 5% of air was coming through my left nostril and that the septum was very sharp and very close to the tip of my nose which could have made the operation especially difficult something that I already knew from the previous specialists! Finally I decided to go with Dr. Saigal because of the time he spent with me explaining every little detail regarding the operation and answering my every question with the simplest way.
He is knowledgeable and very experienced regardless the young of his age. He was the one to gain my trust. In addition I decided to go for a plastic surgery as well as the doctor is specializing in that area too. The outcome? Great! I am now able to breathe fully and my nose looks perfect on my face, not feminine at all as my initial fear was before trusting Dr. Saigal.
There were no problems during the operation and no pain at all afterwards just a few bruises for a couple of weeks. Great doctor! Great bedside manners, he is very calm and courteous. His stuff is very helpful as well! Excellent overall experience! Thank you doctor!

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After having MOHS surgery on my nose (for basal cell carcinoma), I had a HUGE hole on my face and walked into your office literally in tears. An hour later I left with so much confidence in you, you did such a beautiful job. Six months have gone by and I have a tiny scar that I can hardly see. I can’t thank you enough.

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Throughout the entire process, Dr. Saigal was very straightforward and reassuring. He answered all my (and my family’s) questions and surgery went EXACTLY as he explained. I love my new look and recommend him highly to all my friends and family.

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I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Saigal and his staff. I really think of Dr. Saigal as my friend more than I think of him as my surgeon. He made me feel very comfortable and my new nose looks so amazing and so natural. Even my mom loves it, and she didn’t even want me to have the surgery! Thank you again.

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