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Patients may choose to undergo treatment of the chin and jaw area of the lower face for a variety of reasons, both medical and aesthetic. Aesthetically a person may want a more defined chin or jaw or may choose to push the chin forward, back, or side-to-side to correct asymmetry or harmonize facial proportions for a more pleasing balance. In some cases bone structure must be altered to improve the ratios between the upper, middle and bottom portions of the face; this can be done with facial implants. Augmentation can be achieved surgically with implants or non surgically with the use of fillers.

What is mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin or jaw area. Shaped silicone implants can be used to give more projection to the chin. Conversely, bone can be removed to decrease an overly projecting chin. Anyone with a weak or recessed chin can get a chin implant to help support the chin and bring back the natural curves and lines of the face. This small surgery can bring about a drastic change in looks and confidence by balancing facial features and improving contours. 

A jaw augmentation can improve the appearance of jaws that are out of balance with other facial features or correct structural issues stemming from various causes. The procedure is intended to restore visual balance to the face by making a so-called “weak” jaw appear more angular and defined. These operations can range from simple to very complex.

Can a chin implant be performed at the same time as other procedures?

Yes, the surgery is frequently performed concurrently with a facelift, neck lift, neck liposuction, or rhinoplasty surgery. It can also be done independently, according to the specific patient’s goals and needs. During your consultation, Dr. Saigal will help you determine what is best for your particular case.

Finding Facial Balance

From a front view, the chin and nose mark the center point of our face. Alignment and balance in these prominent features is the key to facial symmetry and balance. From an oblique or profile view, the chin and nose again mark the forward-most point of our face. Thus balance requires working these in relation to one another. A too prominently projecting chin will impact the visual appearance of the nose and vice versa. Dr. Saigal specializes in facial harmony and profile alignment surgery and will help you find perfect proportions and balance.

What is the surgery like?

Typically, chin implant surgery takes about one hour in the operating room under general anesthesia. However, when performed independent of other facial plastic surgical procedures, it can be performed in the office under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. The implant is introduced through a tiny incision under the chin, or sometimes with a hidden incision in the mouth that can be closed with dissolvable sutures. Dr. Saigal will carefully place the implant so it sits squarely on the inferior border of the mandible, or jawbone, under the muscles of the chin. Once the implant is in place, he will close the incisions with sutures and bandage the chin.

Jaw augmentation is performed under general anesthesia by making an incision inside of the patient’s mouth and inserting manufactured implants that have been created to the desired jawline shape. Once inserted, the implant is positioned flush against the existing jawbone and held in place. An identical implant is inserted on the other side. Closing sutures will dissolve on their own inside the mouth. Depending on the desired outcome, this procedure is sometimes combined with chin augmentation to achieve an ideal balance of facial features.

During your consultation with Dr. Saigal, he will educate you on the sizes and styles of implants for the projection of the chin and definition of the jaw, including the custom shaped silicone implants available. You will also discuss any customized modifications he may make to give you the best result possible. 

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Why have a chin implant? What are the benefits?

Augmentations are frequently performed on the lower jawline and chin area to remedy many concerns and harmonize the facial features including chin, jaw, cheeks, nose, and forehead. 

Benefits of chin/jaw augmentation:

  • A more angular or defined chin
  • More angular or defined jaw
  • More balanced facial features
  • Symmetry
  • Increased confidence in appearance

Chin Liposuction

You may be one of the countless people who are unhappy with the appearance of a fatty chin. Chin liposuction is one of the most practical and effective ways to resculpt your facial profile, removing excess fat from beneath your chin and along your chin structure. If you have facial fat that leaves you looking older, heavier, and less attractive, Dr. Saigal can perform a custom chin liposuction procedure for a more appealing facial balance.

Chin liposuction is performed with our state-of-the-art liposuction system. The excess fat is gently extracted from the area with a tiny cannula (a slim, hollow needle). The incision site is very small and should not leave an obvious scar. Resculpting the jawline can dramatically improve your entire look, leaving you looking much younger, and requires very little time to perform. Dr. Saigal is a perfectionist, and when performing chin liposuction, your treatment will be performed with meticulous technique.

What is recovery like?

Results will be visible immediately after surgery and will become more and more natural in the coming weeks. You will experience some pain, swelling, and bruising which should subside over several days. You can expect to return to work in about one week and resume your more strenuous activities in about two weeks.

The most widely recognized side effect of jaw augmentation is swelling. The critical swelling will die down within a few days, however, minor swelling may continue for several months as the area continues to heal. For this reason, final jaw results may not be visible for a month or more after the procedure. While recuperating, you may have a restricted capacity to talk, grin, or completely move your mouth. Dr. Saigal will provide you with full aftercare instructions including all dietary and oral cleanliness rules to ensure ideal mending.

Some common reasons patients opt for a chin or jaw augmentation:

  • Weak or recessed chin
  • Lack of proportion in your facial features
  • Lack of definition at jawline and neck 
  • Jaws appear out of balance with the face
  • Structural jaw issues stemming from congenital deficiencies or facial trauma due to injury or accident

Why choose Dr. Saigal?

A vast array of cosmetic procedures can alter or enhance the beauty of the face, skin, and body. If you are considering a chin or jaw procedure, you want to find a qualified plastic surgeon with knowledge and experience you trust. Your surgeon should take the time to educate you and discuss your options, prices, the procedure, and even the recovery time to ensure you are ready for your next steps. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Orlando, Dr. Saigal has performed many mentoplasty procedures and can help you achieve facial harmony with a natural-looking result. His superior qualifications, background, and extensive experience make him the perfect choice for chin or jaw augmentation surgery. 

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