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Kapil Saigal, MD, FACS

Dr. Kapil Saigal - Facial Plastic Surgeon Orlando

Welcome to Saigal Facial Plastic Surgery in Orlando

From his elegant, personalized rhinoplasty results to his expertise in non-surgical facial contouring and anti-aging techniques, Dr. Saigal provides plastic surgery in Orlando & Winter Park with unsurpassed excellence and professionalism that sets him in an elite class. Patients return, again and again, having found a home at the practice – a sanctuary for integrity and transparency.

Plastic surgery should whisper, not shout.

Kapil Saigal, MD, FACS

Reclaim Your Confidence

Nasal Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty can revitalize your appearance, stripping away years of self-consciousness while correcting structural and cosmetic concerns in a natural, seamless manner. Dr. Saigal is passionate about helping his patients truly love their appearance and enjoy being in the spotlight or on the red carpet. Nose surgery is indispensable in bringing harmony to the middle third of the face, achieving excellent balance in relation to the eyes and chin.

Revitalize Your Self-Image

Facial Plastic Surgery

In today’s media-driven culture, image is everything. It’s important to look and feel your best so you can enjoy life and perform at peak capacity. Dr. Saigal can help you to pinpoint the areas of your appearance you feel poorly about, creating a winning strategy for rolling back the clock on aging and giving you the aesthetic confidence you’ve been craving. From facelift surgery to blepharoplasty and brow lift, Dr. Saigal delivers a priceless transformation.

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  • Rejuvenate


Scarless Rhinoplasty

Using his refined endonasal, or closed technique, Dr. Saigal is able to create elegant, striking results that are free from external scarring. The nose is shaped to reflect harmony within the features and complement the eyes and the smile. As among Orlando’s best rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Saigal is known for improving not only aesthetics but functionality as well. In Dr. Saigal’s estimation, a nose that is visually stunning must also provide comfortable, functional breathing in order for the surgery to be considered a success.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

For clients of African, Middle Eastern, Asian and Hispanic descent, rhinoplasty results haven’t always reflected their unique cultural aesthetic or honored their heritage while minimizing flaws. Today, plastic surgeons understand the need for ethnic rhinoplasty and why it’s so important to adapt one’s methods and techniques to the individual. Dr. Saigal performs ethnic rhinoplasty to contour the bridge, nostrils and tip of the nose, creating harmonious, natural-looking results that celebrate his patients’ innate beauty.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Saigal performs revision rhinoplasty to correct complications that may have occurred during a primary rhinoplasty, or to further results that simply didn’t go far enough the first time. Clients who are unhappy with their primary rhinoplasty often feel anxious about undergoing an additional surgery, but Dr. Saigal’s calm, secure demeanor sets patients instantly at ease. He is able to create an outcome that reflects your initial desire for a nose that suits your face.

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Functional Rhinoplasty

Although is it the visual centerpiece of the face aesthetically speaking, the nose also has a primary function of enabling proper breathing. When there is a blockage within the nose, it can affect every aspect of life, from sleeping, smelling and speaking to intimacy. Dr. Saigal performs structural rhinoplasty to help clear the passageways and restore quality of life. A functional nose job can be combined with cosmetic rhinoplasty for comprehensive improvement in all areas.

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A Refined Approach

Dr. Saigal, a plastic surgeon in Orlando & Winter Park, believes that a minimally invasive approach is often the most effective in providing natural and timeless results. Many of his procedures are scarless, meaning that there is no outer evidence that cosmetic enhancement has been performed. This highly benefits patient confidence, especially those who desire discretion. Dr. Saigal’s treatments are always personalized and specific to your needs and goals, so no two outcomes are identical. Your results will reflect your unique aesthetic sensibilities and wishes.



In today’s fast-paced, industrious society, aging doesn’t always fit in with our plans for the future. When wrinkles and fine lines are making you appear older than you feel, it may be time to consider a surgical intervention with Dr. Saigal, among the most trusted names in cosmetic science in Orlando and beyond. Dr. Saigal uses a subtle, delicate approach that smooths away imperfections, tightening the jowls and midface to give you a more vibrant, refreshed appearance.

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Eyelid Surgery

When performed by an artist such as Dr. Saigal in Orlando, blepharoplasty can help augment your natural beauty and smile, seamlessly rolling back the clock on aging for a more youthful, energized appearance. Others will finally be able to focus more on your eyes, and less on the wrinkles, fine lines and creases surrounding them. As a double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Saigal’s expertise and skill informs his customized technique. He is able to restore your attractiveness using a minimally invasive approach that limits scarring.

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Brow Lift

A drooping brow can not only impair eyesight, but can also cause you to appear much older, creating a grumpy, unappealing aesthetic and the appearance of exhaustion and depletion. Using cutting edge technology and his elite signature technique, Dr. Saigal is able to perform a surgical brow lift that removes layers of unpleasantness from the facial expression while smoothing away creases, folds and wrinkles from the forehead. The result is a more inviting presence with a youthful aura.

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Chin Implants

A weak chin can destabilize the profile, making the nose appear larger than it is. Chin implants are a wonderful way to restore balance and harmony to the features. They can be customized to the client in terms of size and shape, and appear completely natural when placed by a facial anatomy authority such as Dr. Saigal. Chin implants are a long-lasting solution to contouring the lower face and building a sense of self-confidence and satisfaction with one’s image.

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Buccal Fat Removal

Excess buccal fat in the cheeks is responsible for creating a heavy appearance in the midface with a marked lack of definition. Despite countless attempts with diet and exercise, this type of fat tends to be impervious to at-home solutions. With buccal fat removal, Dr. Saigal is able to streamline the cheeks for a more chiseled, elegant aesthetic. His incisions are completely invisible, placed inside the cheek for a naturally scarless outcome.

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Breathe Easier

Sinus pain chronic obstruction can seriously impair your quality of life, causing discomfort, sleep troubles and even social withdrawal. Dr. Saigal is a seasoned veteran when it comes to addressing sinus-related ailments, and he can create a customized plan of action for resolving even the most difficult of cases, removing unwanted blockages so you can finally enjoy breathing once again. Dr. Saigal is trained in minimally invasive techniques, as well as use of advanced surgical navigation to ensure meticulous accuracy and precision.


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BOTOX remains among the world’s most trusted and sought-after injectables, known for minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. In the capable hands of Dr. Saigal, Orlando plastic surgeon, the unwanted signs of aging are effortlessly reduced, all without any discomfort or downtime. BOTOX temporarily arrests the contractions made by facial muscles, which in turn leads to a smoother, more youthful complexion. It is useful for treating not only crow’s feet and glabellar lines, but also unsightly banding in the neck.

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As we age, our skin begins to lose its underlying fat, created a hollow look that telegraphs maturity. Dermal fillers can help to combat this trend, replenishing the skin for a more youthful, robust aesthetic. Fillers can be applied to not only the temples, the cheeks, the lips and the area around the eyes, but also to the hands, which tend to draw attention in older years. Dermal fillers are a pain-free way to reverse wrinkles, creases, folds and fine lines, and can be used in combination to create a non-surgical facelift or non-surgical rhinoplasty.

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Lip Augmentation

Plump, hydrated, sensual-looking lips never go out of style, and that is why Dr. Saigal is so passionate about creating the perfect pout. He uses a combination of fillers suited to your needs, smoothing away lip lines while replenishing the volume lost to the aging process or poor genes. Lip augmentation helps to combat the stresses of everyday life to deliver a smile that is truly stunning and exceptional.

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Non-Surgical Facelift

Thanks to Dr. Saigal’s innovative technique and state-of-the-art technology, a facelift procedure no longer requires lengthy downtimes, discomfort or anesthesia. On the contrary, beautiful, meticulously detailed results can be achieved through a strategic non-surgical treatment that targets your trouble zones, lifting, firming and replenishing to give you a more youthful aesthetic and improved confidence in your image. Dr. Saigal will use a combination of fillers and injectables that are chosen to align with your goals, anatomy, comfort level and lifestyle.

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Non-Surgical Nosejob

While a non-surgical nosejob may not be able to accomplish all your structural goals, it can achieve incredible results in terms of cosmetic improvement of the bridge, nostrils and tip. Dr. Saigal can seamlessly improve asymmetry, reshape contours that lack definition, and correct imperfections that cause you distress. If you are eager to adjust the appearance of your nose, but are uncertain about undergoing plastic surgery, a non-surgical rhinoplasty may be the perfect compromise for your goals.

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